About Us

The Wood is Wonderful NW is dedicated to providing the most unique of recycled building materials to the craftsman, artisan, contractor and home owner.
Our eclectic offerings are warehoused in the burgeoning community of Sheridan, Oregon. This allows us a unique opportunity to provide the like-minded with a vast array of possibilities.
We have amassed recycled materials from a myriad of sources including:
• Wartime naval supply depots
• Japanese built schoolhouses – constructed during their occupation of the Philippines during WWII
• Jim Beam Distillery in Kentucky • Midwestern Amish built barns
• Northwest barns, an 1846 tannery located in Penacook, N.H.

And many other locations where classic, beautiful and environmental considerate materials could be gleaned


Our discerning cliental include fine home builders, wineries, do-it-yourself homeowners, McMenamins’ Pubs, carvers, and anyone else who demands the most unique, beautiful, and environmentally considerate materials.